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First published to the internet Sunday 4th May 2008 - Latest update 25 February 2019

- New Portmeirion 1989 Video now available on YouTube - see below -

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Welcome to my web pages which are dedicated to my joint favourite (with Cala Bona, Majorca) place in the universe, Portmeirion.

The pages of this site each cover different aspects of Portmeirion, including the buildings, the birds, the plants, & the people. Most of the photos were taken between 2003 and 2006: in some of the pictures you will see my friend James, who is as big a fan of Portmeirion as I am.

Pictures on this site are, in general, presented in 800 x 600 resolution. I've listed descriptions of the pages of this site below (with links). I hope you enjoy this site & I give many thanks for even taking a look.

Please feel free to let me know what you think via my Contact Me page . At a later date I aim to include photos / videos from earlier visits to Portmeirion.

Tim Harris


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25th February 2019

Me next video, Portmeirion 2003, will be posted on Saturday 9th March (probably!).

It'll be around 12 minutes long and I'll post a link or two on this page once done.

It was filmed by friend James Spence who is unable to edit the footage so I am more than happy to have played with this one. Below is a still of me from the video.

Tim Harris in Portmeirion, Wales (2003)

12th May 2018

Portmeirion 1989 now on YouTube

This is a video of the first trip made to Portmeirion (Wales) by my friend James Spence and myself in 1989. James filmed the footage on a Panasonic M7 camera over three days in August and we both had designs on editing this footage ever since but usually found ourselves side-tracked onto other projects. For 29 years.

James' footage had a mild fantasy element to parts of it and I've expanded on his idea with this edit.

There's footage of the Dome in its green livery prior to being replaced and also snippets of footage of The Prisoner Shop as it was then. There's also footage of a brass band and many general views of this wonderful place.

Full credit to James Spence for this footage.

The font used for the titles is titled 'Village' and many thanks go to The Prisoner Online for this. Thank you.

The Prisoner and any related symbols that appear in the video are very much the province of ITC to whom we're forever indebted, for this and for many other fantastic series. Thank you.

Music and sound effects used are from the YouTube Audio Library and to them also we say thank you.

Clicking on the following link will take you to the video (will open in YouTube): Portmeirion 1989

Running time: 35 mins 39seconds

Portmeirion 1989 Cover Poster

8th May 2018 - Portmeirion Video Update

The editing of the video seems to be going well in spite of a few technical teething troubles. It's at the stage where I'm down to making odd adjustments here and there so looks like it will be ready in the next week or two, ahead of schedule. It'll be around 36 minutes long and it's been great fun to edit. I've absolutely loved it actually; it was a great first visit to the most wonderful of places. One person other than myself has today seen a version (MK2) of the edited video (I'm on MK4 at the moment) and I think it's shaping up okay.

Below are four stills taken from the edited video.

Portmeirion 1989 Stills 003Portmeirion 1989 Stills 004

Portmeirion 1989 Stills 002Portmeirion 1989 Stills 001

2nd May 2018

New Portmeirion Video On The Way

Last weekend I started editing footage that my friend James Spence took on our first trip to Portmeirion in 1989. Filmed on a Panasonic M7 camera this footage hasn't been seen before in public. The edited version will likely be around half an hour in length with the aim that it will be posted to YouTube. This is an editing project that has been on and off the shelf several times since 1989 with either James or myself taking on the role of editor and then getting side-tracked onto something else.

I've had several ideas over that time as to how it should be edited, and true to form I've come up with yet another idea and this is the one I'm running with now. I really like James' footage and it lovingly shows Portmeirion as it was back then. The place may be the same but some of the details are different. A time when the dome was green and The first version of The Prisoner Shop existed.

James is unable to edit the video himself now but I asked him last week if he'd be happy for me to take the editing back on and I was pleased when he gave an enthusiastic positive response. I am highly enthusiastic about this particular project myself.

It's possible that the video could be ready by the end of May 2018 and I'll update this page with a link to it once ready. I'll also post to Twitter (a link is above) so if you follow me on there you'll hopefully see the post.

Later on I may begin editing the 2003 footage which James also took. Then onto footage from 2004, 2005 and 2006 which I took.

1st April 2018

Xonus (Partly filmed in Portmeirion)

After many years of languishing nowhere here's my 1995 video slightly spruced up and mildly modified from the original. Anything I've added or altered for this version is what I'd really wanted back then and couldn't achieve.

Premise: A man wakes up with no memory and is held in a house along with his double. In finding out answers to questions the man has to question himself.

Containing a sequence filmed in Portmeirion and with main filming taking place at a house in Oxford.

It was shot on standard VHS video tapes and edited with basic animation produced on an Amiga A1200. Now slightly restored using digital software. Relatively unseen since it's initial low-key release back in 1995 I've attempted to make this more 'watchable' than it was back then and have faded a few (now irritating to me) swear words.
A retro feel to non-professionally produced videos, prior to digital software revolutionizing everything.

Featuring an atmospheric soundtrack by Laurence Williams and Phil Young.

Running time: 31 mins 17 seconds

9th July 2017:

Page 6 has been re-formatted into the new lay-out along with various other smaller pages scattered throughout the site.

The Tim Harris Portmeirion Gallery photographs 5650

8th July 2017:

Pages 3, 4, and 5 have now been re-formatted, only 20 more pages to go!

Then I aim to start putting up photos taken in the late '80s / early '90s.

2nd July 2017:

I've started re-formatting the pages of this site in order to give the pictures better breathing space, I feel they're a bit cramped at the moment. This will take me a while to do but have managed to format Page 1 and Page 2 as a starter.

I'm hoping that the re-formatting will also lead to the pages loading up faster.

1st July 2017:

I've posted my first new page in a very long time, titled The Portmeirion Village / Pentref Portmeirion Collection and features a quick look at the series of six models based on buildings in the village released back in the early 2000s.

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List of pages on this website:  Pictures are generally 800 x 600 resolution: I've created 'Contact Sheets' for most pages which contain thumbnails of the pictures that appear on those pages.

Sir Clough Williams-Ellis A page relating to Portmeirion creator Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, which includes a small bibliography.
My Own Experience This is a mostly text page of my own thoughts (ramblings) regarding Portmeirion and the experience of being there.
Photo Sampler This page is for people who want to get an overview of what's on the other photo pages. 38 images
Page No. 1 The entrance to the grounds, including Gate House and Bridge House. Contact Sheet 30 images
Page No. 2 The Pantheon (Dome) Contact Sheet 54 images
Page No. 3 Angel, Neptune, Trinity House, and Mermaid. Contact Sheet 86 images
Page No. 4 The Piazza, Bristol Colonnade, Gloriette, Gothic Pavilion and day visitors. Contact Sheet 89 images
Page No. 5 The Bell Tower, Government House, Dolphin, Band Stand & flora (including hydrangeas) . Contact Sheet 65 images
Page No. 6 The Apothecary, Battery Square and the statue of the Buddha. Contact Sheet 100 images
Page No. 7 Pilot House, Battery, Watch House, The Chantry, Chantry Row, Unicorn, Telfords Tower and Salutation. Contact Sheet 50 images
Page No. 8 Triumphal Arch, Salutation, Arches, Pot Jam, Golden Dragon Bookshop and Town Hall (Hercules Hall). Contact Sheet 92 images
Page No. 9 Anchor, Fountain and surrounding views. Contact Sheet 39 images
Page No. 10 This page shows external and internal views of the hotel. Contact Sheet 59 images
Page No. 11 The hotel bar / dining areas and the hotel rooms House 4 & House 8. Contact Sheet 58 images
Page No. 12 Views of the estuary (and includes the Amis Reunis). Contact Sheet 98 images
Page No. 13 Views from the estuary (and includes The Observatory Tower, White Horses and the Lighthouse). Contact Sheet 68 images
Page No. 14 This page shows the woods of Portmeirion. Contact Sheet 78 images
Page No. 15 This page shows views taken from the woods. Contact Sheet 30 images
Page No. 16 This page shows some of the places I've stayed in. Contact Sheet 28 images
Page No. 17 Portmeirion in the evening and at night. Contact Sheet 92 images
Page No. 18 Castell Deudraeth Contact Sheet 42 images
A Different View Mostly inverted versions of photos that appear on other pages: other styles will appear over time. Contact Sheet 55 images
Mobile Phone Wallpapers A page containing re-sized Portmeirion photographs for use as mobile phone wallpapers. Contact Sheet 40 images
Models A quick look at The Portmeirion Village (Pentref Portmeirion) Collection which was released in the early 2000s.
FAQs A concise reply to every question that's ever been asked.

The Tim Harris Portmeirion Gallery photographs 02389. This is my favourite photograph of Portmeirion. I took it on a day when there were dark clouds all around except for a small amount of clear sky through which the sun shone.

The Tim Harris Portmeirion Gallery photographs 02515

The Tim Harris Portmeirion Gallery - Prisoner Pennyfarthing Symbol No. 6 Patrick McGoohan

19th March 1927 - 13th January 2009

Without Patrick, without 'The Prisoner', I may never have known Portmeirion.

So long Patrick, and many thanks.

Tim Harris, 14th January 2009

Patrick McGoohan

In everyday life I may be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed and numbered, but this never happens when I'm in Portmeirion.

Where am I? In the Village.

What do I want? Relaxation.

I'll get it.

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