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This page is dedicated to a 1992 video based on the popular 1960's TV series. Mildly updated Friday 31st March 2017.

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Page 1    DVD Covers, video covers, stills, trailer and complete video for THE CHAMPIONS.

Page 2    Champions Production Photographs

Resurrected By An Ancient Civilisation...Endowed With Super-Human Powers

Champions of Law, Order and Justice

Misfits - Champions stills 01


Trailer - WMV Version - Click Here     Complete Video - WMV Version - Click Here

Below: YouTube version of the complete video.

Now available on DVD     (Click on pictures below to enlarge)

Misfits - Champions DVD cover 01 Misfits - Champions DVD cover 02 Misfits - Champions DVD label
DVD cover produced 2008 by James Spence. DVD inside cover DVD label

Premise - In the 30 episode TV series three secret agents of an organisation called Nemesis are given extraordinary powers by an ancient civilisation after a plane crash. They use their powers as champions for law, order and justice. Their superior at Nemesis, Tremayne, knows nothing of their superpowers...

Plot - The story is set after the 30 episodes of the television series: Barrett & Sterling attempt to rescue Sharon Macready (Alexandra Bastedo) who has been kidnapped by the sinister General Orega & mad scientist Pierpoint (James Spence). They know about the Champions' secret powers, & they plan to use that knowledge for evil ends. With psychotic hit man Bates (Tim Harris) & Thackery , a foe who can match their powers, the Champions face their most deadly assignment.

Running time: 27 mins approx.


Out-takes taken from the filming of THE CHAMPIONS: The Manipulators. Hosted by Tim Harris as Dennis Norden (Not). Linking sequences filmed at Longleat, Warminster. Edited by James Spence.

Running time: 16 mins approx.

Based on the television series THE CHAMPIONS created by Monty Berman and Dennis Spooner. An ITC Production.


* Filming started in 1988 and finished in 1992

* There were 3 directors (in other words, a third of the cast directed it!)

* The script was radically altered due to unavailability of some of those involved

* Two versions exist, with version two being the most widely viewed. Version one has different footage of Pierpoint in the final scene with Bates

* A sequel, CHAMPIONS II was written but not filmed

Misfits - Champions stills 01

- Stills from THE CHAMPIONS -

Click on the pictures to see them at full-size

Misfits - Champions stills 09 Misfits - Champions stills 17 Misfits - Champions stills 23

Craig Sterling and Richard Barrett

Craig and Richard have a lead on the whereabouts of Sharon.

Richard finds his powers are useless against Thackery.

Misfits - Champions stills 01 Misfits - Champions stills 04 Misfits - Champions stills 08

Bates tells all he knows...

The elusive Sharon Macready.

Flint finds what he's after on his PC and sells the information.

Misfits - Champions stills 12 Misfits - Champions stills 20 Misfits - Champions stills 25

Bates (Tim Harris) listens to his leader, General Orega.

Orega and Pierpoint (James Spence) monitor events from their den.

Pierpoint shows chilling tendencies.

Older Video Cover Designs
Misfits - Champions videocover 4E Misfits - Champions videocover b-side
The third video cover designed by Tim Harris in 2000. Intended (but never used) b-side to the Misfits video covers. Designed by Tim Harris in 2000.
Misfits - Champions videocover lost version Misfits - Champions videocover 02
This cover became the victim of a hard disk failure so this is a scan of a hardcopy. Produced 1996 by Tim Harris. A reconstruction of that second video cover: designed by Tim Harris in 1997.
Misfits - Champions videocover 01Misfits LogoMisfits LogoMisfits Logo

Misfits LogoMisfits LogoMisfits Logo

Misfits - Champions Logo

Above: The first video cover, designed by James Spence & Tim Harris in 1992.

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