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VisiLog - Web Site Statistics as at December 2018

This page is updated occasionally rather than regularly 'cos it takes too long to produce

Monthly Page Stats:

The stats run from 16th May 2004 when hrvt.net domain came into existence. However, my site has existed since Monday 17th May 1999 so the stats are not fully comprehensive. Individual Page Stats are no longer available (they're too much effort to produce) but the old statistics can be found here.

Top Month: Sep 2018 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019    
Jan 11577 Jan 9487 Jan 10857 Jan 10869 Jan 6425 Jan 8998 Jan        
Feb 8122 Feb 10077 Feb 10101 Feb 12794 Feb 5752 Feb 8998 Feb        
Mar 10633 Mar 9188 Mar 9871 Mar 10009 Mar 6619 Mar 15488 Mar        
  Apr 8883 Apr 8642 Apr 10072 Apr 9985 Apr 5938 Apr 15943 Apr       Full
    May 8071 May 11020 May 11077 May 8406 May 5552 May 9040 May       Total:
    Jun 7225 Jun 10538 Jun 8864 Jun 6266 Jun 3407 Jun 13924 Jun        
    Jul 7774 Jul 11354 Jul 10268 Jul 6784 Jul 7424 Jul 12679 Jul       1,045,592
    Aug 7056 Aug 10988 Aug 11146 Aug 6199 Aug 9685 Aug 10908 Aug        
    Sep 7227 Sep 11706 Sep 11616 Sep 4673 Sep 8373 Sep 20336 Sep        
    Oct 7866 Oct 10544 Oct 10471 Oct 4572 Oct 9237 Oct 16342 Oct        
    Nov 8238 Nov 10251 Nov 10417 Nov 6028 Nov 7978 Nov 14791 Nov        
    Dec 11545 Dec 8775 Dec 10805 Dec 6286 Dec 8889 Dec 14584 Dec        
    Total: 104217 Total: 122570 Total: 125565 Total: 92871 Total: 85279 Total: 162031 Total: 0 Total: 0  

  2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012  
Jan 167 Jan 373 Jan 186 Jan 747 Jan 5935 Jan 3273 Jan 9092 Jan 9868  
Feb 229 Feb 257 Feb 182 Feb 457 Feb 7091 Feb 2976 Feb 7935 Feb 8476  
Mar 183 Mar 303 Mar 190 Mar 1,623 Mar 3608 Mar 3953 Mar 8584 Mar 11281  
2004 Apr 146 Apr 253 Apr 195 Apr 1283 Apr 3119 Apr 3553 Apr 12371 Apr 10671 Full
May 179 May 114 May 365 May 172 May 1738 May 3222 May 3632 May 9537 May 9249 Total 2004
Jun 116 Jun 207 Jun 252 Jun 159 Jun 1546 Jun 2983 Jun 6468 Jun 8592 Jun 8596 to 2012:
Jul 173 Jul 173 Jul 193 Jul 249 Jul 1321 Jul 3570 Jul 5972 Jul 8049 Jul 9484  
Aug 158 Aug 195 Aug 176 Aug 25 Aug 1514 Aug 2146 Aug 6656 Aug 6575 Aug 9543


Sep 148 Sep 212 Sep 192 Sep 326 Sep 895 Sep 2126 Sep 8161 Sep 4728 Sep 12518  
Oct 181 Oct 297 Oct 187 Oct 473 Oct 1311 Oct 2741 Oct 9255 Oct 973 Oct 11874  
Nov 120 Nov 293 Nov 201 Nov 713 Nov 1791 Nov 2974 Nov 10378 Nov 6376 Nov 9641  
Dec 152 Dec 327 Dec 204 Dec 394 Dec 2956 Dec 2971 Dec 8455 Dec 6861 Dec 9795  
Total: 1227 Total: 2543 Total: 2956 Total: 3264 Total: 17182 Total: 42486 Total: 72,732 Total: 89,673 Total: 120,996  

28 January 2019: 2018 figures were way up on 2017 and is the highest year overall. No idea why as I haven't posted much new material, but pleased to see that the internet issues of 2016 seem to be well in the past. In October the page count reached 1 million: chances are this figure was reached before that time but stats from May 1999 to April 2004 inclusive aren't available.

1st April 2018: March '18 was a record-breaking month by some distance and I've no idea why.

10th March 2018: Thankfully my latest Site Provider is able to give comprehensive stats which I feel are pretty accurate and they also include unique visitor stats so I've created a new table for these stats below. 2017 saw another decrease on year-on-year page stats but am slightly encouraged to see that the trend is reversing month-on-month as of July 2017. I doubt the site will match 2015's record year this year but may beat the last two years. I've tripple-checked the stats for Jan & Feb 2018 as they are exactly the same and this seems to be true having checked again and again.

18th June 2017: I've moved from my old service provider to another one over the course of 17th/18th June and not yet sure what if any stats my new provider are able to provide. I've therefore updated this page today to show the stats as they appear up until the end of yesterday.

10th June 2017: Further to below the website stats have yet to recover from the issues that plagued it last year. The problems seemed to settle down but made a (brief) return in May so I've made a determined start to move to a different website provider as of this month. Thankfully my website is just a hobby for me, one feels for those who run small businesses via the existing provider. My stats are way down, how bad are those businesses suffering?

Sunday 20th November 2016: This has been a bad year for the website in spite of a record month in February. After that things started to go wrong. Firstly the domain name hrvt.net got trapped between the company I had got it through with the third party company I was using it with. It remains unresolved even now. In essence the website totally disappeared and I could not access it. Very infuriating. So visitor numbers had started to crash by the end of May. I eventually got new domain hrvt.org in place during June but visitor numbers have never recovered to what they were. This was since been followed by what seems a monthly crash of servers by my website host and this too has played havoc.

Written 2013: 2013 saw the first decrease in the number of views since I began this website in 1999. I attribute this to taking down 6 out of the 7 top performing pages (one was more popular than my homepage) and a few others besides during March 2013; the reason I removed them is because I felt they no longer fitted in with the direction I wanted to take the website in. It was bye bye to most of the movie pages I had up, including Wizard of Oz, Melody, 4 pages of general movie stills, as well as a photo portraits page & one or two other lesser pages. More pages may disappear over time but newer ones will also appear.

(New) Monthly Visitor Stats:

The stats run from 18th June 2017 so June is not a complete month. Also, although I've given a yearly total for 2017 this is likely completely inaccurate as it may well be the same people visiting each month, it's impossible to say. What I am slightly encouraged by is that the monthly totals are generally rising.

Top Month: Oct 2018 2018 2019            
Jan 739                          
Feb 802                          
Mar 936                          
2017 Apr 845                         Full
    May 784                         Total:
Jun 319 Jun 873                          
Jul 709 Jul 1070                          
Aug 723 Aug 952                        
Sep 660 Sep 874                          
Oct 709 Oct 1146                          
Nov 720 Nov 1047                          
Dec 599 Dec 852                          
Total: 4439 Total: 10920 Total: 0 Total: 0 Total: 0 Total: 0 Total: 0 Total: 0  

General Stats as at 31st March 2018

Top 20 Countries (Jan-Mar):

United States

Great Britain













The Netherlands






Top 20 Pages (Jan-Mar):





















Other Statistics

  • Total no. of files on this site: 4433 (approx) as at 10th June 2012. 8808 (approx) as at 16th March 2018.

  • The stats run from 16th May 2004 when the hrvt.net domain came into existence. However, my site has existed since Monday 17th May 1999 so the stats are not fully comprehensive: five years worth of stats are not available and the pages previously uploaded to the Freeserve web space, especially, are under-represented in the stats above.

  • The site increased in physical size from 38.5 mb to 734.6 mb during 2008.

  • The site stands at 1162.5 mb as at 10th June 2012. 1.68GB as at 16th March 2018.

  • In June 2012, the Netcraft Web Server Survey found there were 697,089,482 distinct websites on the internet (1,838,596,056 as at 16th March 2018). As at Sunday 10th June 2012 'The Tim Harris Website' was ranked 15,213,801 out of that number (by Alexa). Over a 3 month period the estimated percentage of global internet users who visited the site was 0.000006 %. The caveat to these results is that even those who provide the statistics cannot be 100% sure their figures are entirely accurate. However, I feel better in thinking that at least it's not in the bottom 2% of all websites, a position which I felt it surely would be in, prior to looking into the statistics. (For the prevous stats in relation to these click here.

(Old) Visitor Stats By Month:

Below is a monthly record of the number of visitors to this site from November 2001 to early October 2008 and includes stats from my previous Freeserve webspace as well as hrvt.net. This table will not be updated after October 2008 as I have stopped using Goldstats to compile them.

Nov-01 21 Jun-03 107 Jan-05 162 Aug-06 65 Mar-08 262
Dec-01 16 Jul-03 103 Feb-05 127 Sep-06 104 Apr-08 133
Jan-02 33 Aug-03 139 Mar-05 136 Oct-06 82 May-08 120
Feb-02 28 Sep-03 76 Apr-05 155 Nov-06 57



Mar-02 11 Oct-03 58 May-05 172 Dec-06 73



Apr-02 19 Nov-03 61 Jun-05 102 Jan-07 60



May-02 35 Dec-03 31 Jul-05 117 Feb-07 73



Jun-02 30 Jan-04 28 Aug-05 70 Mar-07 54



Jul-02 72 Feb-04 42 Sep-05 68 Apr-07 63    
Aug-02 54 Mar-04 83 Oct-05 108 May-07 69    
Sep-02 70 Apr-04 86 Nov-05 60 Jun-07 60    
Oct-02 71 May-04 142 Dec-05 76 Jul-07 73    
Nov-02 31 Jun-04 170 Jan-06 89 Aug-07 78    
Dec-02 20 Jul-04 186 Feb-06 72 Sep-07 69    
Jan-03 67 Aug-04 134 Mar-06 112 Oct-07 65    
Feb-03 60 Sep-04 154 Apr-06 88 Nov-07 63    
Mar-03 61 Oct-04 103 May-06 99 Dec-07 49    
Apr-03 93 Nov-04 122 Jun-06 84 Jan-08 85    
May-03 135 Dec-04 148 Jul-06 73 Feb-08 97 Total    7313

Miscellaneous facts relating to the website:
  • The Tim Harris Homepage came into existence on Monday 17th May 1999 on Freeserve web space.
  • The MISFITS site came into existence on 23rd May 1999.
  • The Tim Harris, Art, Graphic and Photographic Archive came into existence on 18th May 2003.
  • hrvt.net came into existence on Sunday 16th May 2004 but became active on 17th May 2004, with The Tim Harris, Art, Graphic and Photographic Archive in residence.
The Tim Harris, Art, Graphic and Photographic Archive was merged into the Tim Harris Homepage on 13th Jan 2008.

The website changed name from The Tim Harris Homepage to The Tim Harris Website on 3rd April 2008.

The Tim Harris Portmeirion Gallery came into existence on 4th May 2008.

The Tim Harris Oxford Gallery came into existence on 17th April 2010.

Tim's Doctor Who Pages came into existence on 6th June 2010.

The Authorised Andrew O'Day Profile Pages came into existence 6th June 2010.

Tim's Doctor Who Pages changed name to The O.L.G. Doctor Who Pages on 10th June 2012.

Andrew O'Day and Guests came into existence on 15th February 2015.

During June 2016 I had to move from www.hrvt.net to www.hrvt.org due to technical issues that remain unresolved.

I moved www.hrvt.org from my previous website provider to a new one on 17th June 2017.

The Tim Harris Cala Bona & Cala Millor Gallery came into existence on 25th June 2017. Long overdue.

There have been several logos / banners used since 1999 to head the pages of this website, and a collection of them can be found at the Logo Archive. My general policy on logos is to keep them simple, by use of a spiced-up font.

The standard font originally used on the website, 'Times New Roman', was used from 1999 to 2001. I changed it in 2001 to one (Arial) I felt would be easier on the eyes for those with impaired vision. I also tend to use (a minimum) text size 11 or 12 (in bold) for the same reason. The RNIB offer information and advice on making your website accessible to everyone at their Web Access Centre page.

Sunday 20th November 2016: I have started to relax my policy in recent times, I have been using Calibri font as wellas Arial. Plus I have been using smaller size text from time to time as there are many different devices out there that people use and who can quickly zoom in and out on.

Other websites previously created by me include:

  • A short-lived Shania Twain website which lasted from Friday 21st May 1999 until Sunday 3rd October 1999. Resurrected in revised form on Saturday 5th July 2008.

  • One for a musical society (now run by different people). First posted Saturday 5th June 1999, my version was taken down Wednesday 7th May 2003.

  • A Dalek-based website which was also short-lived but which got many hits every day. First posted Tuesday 27th March 2001, taken down Friday 8th June 2001.

  • A very short-lived site centred around a musical based on the life of Penderyn. First posted Monday 28th May 2001, taken down Friday 8th June 2001. Resurrected in revised form on Thursday 17th July 2008. Taken down again Saturday 23rd March 2013 as part of a general review of the site.

  • Out Of Time - this website got as far as me creating an index page before thinking better of it. The site would have been centred around tv sci fi / telefantasy series such as The Avengers, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Blakes 7. Index page created Thursday 7th June 2001, abandoned the next day, Friday 8th June 2001.

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