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This page first posted to the internet Sunday 1st July 2012

The 11th Hour, 16-17 June 2012

Andrew O'Day and Matt Smith

Above: A replacement for Craig Owens? No, it's Andrew with Matt Smith.

Andrew O'Day, W. Morgan Sheppard and Mark Sheppard

W. Morgan Sheppard, Andrew and Mark Sheppard (The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon)

Andrew O'Day and Mark SheppardAndrew O'Day and Stuart Milligan

Andrew with Mark Sheppard and Stuart Milligan (The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon)

Andrew O'Day, Christina Chong and Frances Barber

Christina Chong (A Good Man Goes to War), Andrew and Frances Barber (A Good Man Goes to War, The Wedding of River Song, plus appearances in Day of the Moon, The Curse of the Black Spot, The Almost People and Closing Time.

Andrew O'Day and Frances Barber

Andrew with Frances Barber

Andrew O'Day, Simon Fisher Becker and Dan Starkey

Simon Fisher Becker (Dorium Maldovar in A Good Man Goes To War and The Wedding of River Song), Andrew and Dan Starkey (Strax, the best Sontaran to appear since Linx in 1974. Bring back Dan!!!)

Simon Fisher Becker and Andrew O'Day

Simon Fisher Becker with Andrew

Andrew O'Day, Catrin Stewart and Neve McIntosh

Catrin Stewart, Andrew and Neve McIntosh (A Good Man Goes to War)

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