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This page first posted to the internet Sunday 6th June 2010: mildly updated Sunday 10th June 2012.

Over time Andrew O'Day has had his photo taken with many Doctor Who-related stars: with his kind permission many of those pictures appear here, spaced over three pages. Text below by Andrew is contained within quotation marks inside text boxes.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Tom Baker

Tom Baker and Andrew O'DayTom Baker and Andrew O'Day

Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen and Andrew O'DayAndrew O'Day and Elisabeth Sladen

Andrew O'Day and Elisabeth SladenAndrew O'Day and Elisabeth Sladen

Andrew O'Day and Elisabeth SladenAndrew O'Day and Elisabeth Sladen

“Elisabeth Sladen. Lis was always extremely gracious towards me at Doctor Who conventions. My most vivid memory of Lis comes from the early 2000s when in a convention photo studio she got very excited upon learning that she was to be included in a PhD thesis. But, of course, it is her own remarkable contribution to the world of Doctor Who that made this possible. And it is heartening to know that this contribution continued with her own series The Sarah Jane Adventures. And how she would be delighted to know that not only has she entertained the youngsters of today but has also inspired other academics to write about her own programme.”

Louise Jameson

Louise Jameson and Andrew O'DayLouise Jameson and Andrew O'Day

Mary Tamm

Andrew O'Day and Mary Tamm

Mary Tamm and Andrew O'DayAndrew O'Day and Mary Tamm

Nicholas Courtney

Nicholas CourtneyNicholas Courtney

Above and below left: Nicholas Courtney in The Eagle and Child, Oxford.

“These are pictures of Nicholas Courtney and myself in the Eagle & Child pub in Oxford. I have very happy memories of Nick, having spent much time conversing with him in convention hotel bars, and, after many long waits in queues, getting him to sign more autographs than is humanly decent. Once I even saw him at the end of a signing he did of his autobiography on Oxford Street in London. So there’s (of course) a story attached to these photographs. On a Friday morning in April 2000, I was all prepared to set off to the latest Battlefield convention in Coventry. I made my way through the ticket barrier at Oxford Rail Station and, walking along the platform towards the steps that would take me to the platform I needed, ran into a regular convention goer, Garron from Scotland. Garron informed me that he had arranged for Nick Courtney to come for lunch at the Eagle & Child to unveil a plaque, and invited me along to join a group of unsuspecting fans. Needless to say, my train journey to Coventry was delayed – I had anyhow made a very early start out of the excitement of getting there - and, after Garron and I left our bags in a nearby store, we made our way to the Eagle & Child. Garron had told me not to tell the others of the group of the forthcoming arrival of Nick. We all made ourselves at home in the front right corner of the Eagle & Child where the plaque would be unveiled. I remember having a brief chat with Nick in the ‘bar area’ before his presence was announced to the others. I remember that we spent a bit of time trying to persuade poor Nick to come to Coventry, as this was one of the very rare Doctor Who conventions he was not attending, but without luck. I probably remember this (dates) all too well because the next night (the Saturday), at the convention disco at the Leofric, would be the first time I dislocated my knee and was put onto a stretcher, screaming, and carted off to hospital. Not that this stopped me from returning a couple of hours later to enjoy the rest of the convention.”

Nicholas Courtney and Andrew O'DayNicholas Courtney, Andrew O'Day and Caroline John

Above right: also includes Caroline John.    Below right: also includes Anneke Wills and Michael Craze.

Nicholas Courtney and Andrew O'DayAnneke Wills, Michael Craze, Nicholas Courtney and Andrew O'Day

Nicholas Courtney and Andrew O'DayNicholas Courtney and Andrew O'Day

Caroline John

Andrew O'Day and Caroline JohnAndrew O'Day and Caroline John

John Levene

John Levene and Andrew O'Day

John Levene and Andrew O'DayJohn Levene and Andrew O'Day

Richard Franklin

Richard Franklin and Andrew O'DayRichard Franklin and Andrew O'Day

Frazer Hines

Andrew O'Day and Frazer HinesAndrew O'Day and Frazer Hines

Andrew O'Day and Frazer Hines

Deborah Watling

Deborah Watling and Andrew O'DayDeborah Watling and Andrew O'Day

Andrew O'Day and Deborah WatlingAndrew O'Day and Deborah Watling

Deborah Watling and Andrew O'DayDeborah Watling and Andrew O'Day

Andrew O'Day and Deborah WatlingMark Strickson, Andrew O'Day and Deborah WatlingMark Strickson and Andrew O'Day

Above: Mark Strickson and Deborah Watling

Wendy Padbury

Wendy Padbury and Andrew O'DayAndrew O'Day and Wendy Padbury

Andrew O'Day and Wendy PadburyAndrew O'Day and Wendy Padbury

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Photos © Andrew O'Day and used with his kind permission.    This page was compiled by Tim Harris.

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