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This page first posted to the internet 9th November 2013.  Updated 27 February 2022.

Andrew and The Doctors

Andrew with Jo Martin

Andrew O'Day with Jodie Whittaker February 2022

Jodie Whittaker

Andrew O'Day and Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

Andrew O'Day and Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Andrew O'Day and David Tennant

David Tennant

Andrew O'Day and John Hurt

John Hurt

Christopher Ecclestone

The Ninth Doctor

Christopher Eccleston (green screen)

Richard E Grant

Andrew O'Day and Paul McGann

Paul McGann

Andrew O'Day and Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy

Andrew O'Day and Michael Jayston

Michael Jayston

Andrew O'Day with Colin Baker

Colin Baker

Andrew O'Day and Peter Davison

Peter Davison

Andrew O'Day with Adrian Gibbs

Adrian Gibbs (The Watcher in Doctor Who - Logopolis). "He was The Doctor all the time."

Andrew O'Day with John Leeson and Tom Baker

John Leeson and Tom Baker

Andrew O'Day with Tom Baker, Louise Jameson

Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

Andrew O'Day with Tom Baker

Tom Baker

Geoffrey Beevers, Lord of the Doctors Tom Baker, Andrew O'Day, Matthew Waterhouse

Lord of the Doctors Tom Baker

An Adventure In Space and Time Doctors

Andrew O'Day with David Bradley

David Bradley

The Curse of Fatal Death Doctors

Andrew O'Day and Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley

Stage-only Doctors

Andrew O'Day and David Banks

David Banks

Andrew O'Day and Trevor Martin

Trevor Martin

Audio-only Doctors

Andrew O'Day and Sir Derek Jacobi

Sir Derek Jacobi (Big Finish: Doctor Who Unbound - Deadline)

Andrew O'Day and David Warner

David Warner (Big Finish: Doctor Who Unbound - Sympathy For The Devil & Masters of War)

Arabella Weir and Andrew O'Day

Arabella Weir (Big Finish: Doctor Who Unbound - Exile)

Andrew O'Day and David Collings

David Collings (Big Finish: Doctor Who Unbound - Full Fathom Five)

Andrew O'Day with John Guilor

John Guilor (Voice of the First Doctor in Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor)

Andrew O'Day with Tim Trelor

Tim Trelor (Voice of the Third Doctor in Big Finish's production Doctor Who: The Light at the End)

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Photos Andrew O'Day and used with his kind permission.    This page was compiled by Tim Harris.

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