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Blog Posts Archive - 2020

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Note: for most years the website has existed I've usually had one set of welcoming text that was altered to fit the time. Hence a number of posts contain similar text. I don't believe I have a complete collection of posts but will post those I can find.

This page first posted 19 March 2022

15 November 2020

This is my last update for 2020, what a great fun year this has been for all of us but as my lie filter is on some of my comments may be altered.

I've produced a Christmas edition of my homepage with a bunch of Christmas pictures that I've collected from t'internet during the year just to make things all Christmas-sy. However, for anyone who wants to see my everyday page here it is, moved to the BBC2 of my web pages.

Further to my previous post below the cloned (not by me) version of this site has seemingly gone, hopefully for good this time (but who knows).

In short, look for the .org, not the .net version of this website. Beware of imitations :)


28 October 2020

Just noticed today that my previous domain is appearing in Google searches once more, and made to look like it's still my website. It is not. For unknown reasons I could not gain access to this domain from around June 2016 (even though I'd paid for it), which is why I moved to

Whoever rents/owns that domain now have added their own text/links that have nothing to do with me, to a copy of my site as it looked back in 2016. Ignore that domain! I shall attempt to get that cloned website removed so here's hoping :)

In short, look for the .org, not the .net version of this website.


15 May 2020

Today I've posted a bunch of photos to my new Majorca Pages, some have been posted elsewhere previously but not the majority of them. These are an archive of my visits there and posting them here means I can access them anywhere, no matter which pub I'm sat in (in time).

Hopefully other people will find these pages over time and possibly even look at them; as with my Majorca videos I've tried to capture the overall atmosphere of the various places visited, a literal snapshot of the place, with Adam appearing throughout the pages, well he is my friend, what can I say, you've been warned :)

If you do look at the pages you might want to consider strolling slowly through the photos with ambient relaxing music playing in the background, perhaps a glass of wine or beer to hand and an ice cream or pizza to go with it, set the mood like. No point rushing these things is there.

On 17th May this website will be 21 years old, I'd been thinking of making this site modern looking in feel and approach in anticipation then I thought 'Nah' as it'd take too long and I like this now-retro feel; if you leave things long enough they come back into fashion again anyway. So, Happy Anniversary to the website.

Well I'd best be off, lots more beers fun projects to drink work on,

All the best, cheers, Tim!

Cala Bona & Cala Millor Sept / Oct 2016Cala Bona & Cala Millor Sept / Oct 2016Cala Bona & Cala Millor Sept / Oct 2016

10 May 2020

On 11th April I posted Torquay 2004 to YouTube and on 18th April I posted Cala Bona 2012-2015 to YouTube. They're both short videos and I'm still working on a long Portmeirion video (on and off) at the moment. The Cala Bona video is made up of clips taken in the years before I started filming in quantity and was a nice trip down memory lane for those years.

I've been going through my Majorca photos from 2008 to 2016 with a view to posting a bunch to this website on 15th May, I've been meaning to do this for years. Then I'll start looking at the photos from 2017 onwards once I've had a little break. Lovely jubbly.

All the best, cheers, Tim!

Cala Bona 2012-2015

Torquay 2004

04 April 2020

The world still turns and I see many more videos than ever are being posted online so I may as well recommence posting my own videos as of today.

As well as editing videos of Majorca I enjoy re-visiting videos that I made years ago, and the video I've posted to YouTube today is Venice 2004. This was one of my all-time favourite holidays though I've never managed to go back somehow. This video, mostly a simple slide show of photos taken there, is one of my personal favourite videos, I've watched it many times over the years.

I edit videos with myself as the target audience, I have to like them or there's no point spending time on them. I post them to YouTube because that means I can watch them anywhere I happen to be but if anyone else happens to watch them I'm grateful; surprised and grateful.

These old videos may not be of much interest to other people but I always felt that had I had the time years ago I would have posted these at the time I'd originally edited them. These are part of many projects that I had to put to one side when dealing with the day job or filming/editing shows for other people. They are part of my life and so, for me, they are as relevant to me as all the Majorca videos I've ever posted.

Until next time, all the best to you and yours, Tim!

Venice 2004 Poster
Venice 2004

24 March 2020

On 14th March I posted The Rumba Kings at Hotel Cala Bona and Il Quatro at Hotel Cala Bona to YouTube.

On 21st March I posted London 2003 to YouTube.

Today I've posted a version of "What's Up", performed in Cala Bona September 2019 to YouTube.

I think this will be my last video post for a while, although I'll still be editing videos. I doubt that people are going to be that interested in seeing these videos while the world deals with the Coronavirus pandemic and it seems almost flippant of me to post them during this time so I've decided not to after today. However, editing will keep me busy during that same time and I'll update this page when I've decided to start re-posting again.

Until next time, all the best to you and yours, Tim!

London 2003 Poster
London 2003

07 March 2020

Today I've posted a short companion video to Cala Bona: A Good Life which is imaginatively titled More From Cala Bona: A Good Life, it's a collection of clips/scenes that didn't make it into the main video but which I like. Honestly if you haven't been to Cala Bona you should watch all the videos I've ever done on the place and which may help you to decide whether to watch them all over again before even thinking of going there. Cala Bona is in Majorca and nice, so nice to watch these videos and be reminded of how nice the island is.

Cheers, Tim!

Poster for More From Cala Bona: A Good Life
More From Cala Bona: A Good Life

08 February 2020

The latest Cala Bona video is live on YouTube as of today and I've also posted the video to Facebook today too. It's called Cala Bona: A Good Life and lasts around 83 minutes.

The video after that will be a companion video to the above with stuff that didn't make it into the previous video followed by a few old holiday videos that I've paid a return visit to.

The schedule is:

14th March 2020: Il Quatro: Grande Amore (a lovely song performed in Cala Bona)

21st March: London 2003 (Revised version of an old slide show video set to music)

28th March: Venice 2004 (Revised version where most music has been replaced)

4th April: Torquay 2004 (Yup, another revised version)

Have fun, cheers, Tim!

Cala Bona: A Good Life Poster

Cala Bona 5: A Good Life

This Is Cala Bona Poster

Welcome To Cala Bona Poster

Cala Bona 1: This Is Cala Bona

Cala Bona 2: Welcome to Cala Bona

A Holiday in Cala Bona Poster Cala Bona: A New Season Poster
Cala Bona 3: A Holiday in Cala Bona Cala Bona 4: A New Season

27 January 2020

The next Cala Bona video will go live on YouTube on Saturday 8th February 2020, this has been great fun to edit, I think it's the most fun of the series so far. I'll post a link to it here and I'll post the video to Facebook that day too. It's called Cala Bona: A Good Life and lasts around 83 minutes.

The video after that will be a companion video to the above with stuff that didn't make it into the previous video.

Have fun, cheers!

05 January 2020

A new year but with a whole extra day added for free! Make the most of that one, remember to drop hints to any bosses that they should really be rewarding you for working an extra day in Leap Year rather than you working a whole day extra for nothing, it'll give them a chance to show how much they appreciate you :)

Now it's the New Year I will return to editing my latest Cala Bona video, I've possibly even thought of a title for it now too, it'll be over an hour long and will hopefully have enough in it to make it something that's not just a simple repetition of my previous Cala Bona videos.

I've started to update my Doctor Who Reviews page as there's a new series on at the moment, the next series will probably be on as of September next year followed by a series starting around January 2023 so always best to make the most of these things :)

My TV Programmes page is also updated with waffle but that's pretty much it for now.

Have fun, cheers!

My Online Videos

These will open in YouTube

This Is Cala Bona

Holiday video showing how nice Cala Bona, Mallorca (Majorca) is from the scenery to the people to the atmosphere. Edited using footage mostly from 2016 with bits from previous years. It's as much a holiday video as it is about the place and as such features other places visited during that holiday; Son Servera, Bar Playa (Costa De Los Pinos), Porto Cristo, & Palma. Cala Bona is next to Cala Millor and this wonderful place (with Cafe Del Sol) also features.

Length: 42 mins 53 seconds

This Is Cala Bona Poster
Rain in Cala Bona

A very short video of footage shot from the balcony of a ground floor apartment on a day that it hammered down with rain in Cala Bona, Mallorca / Majorca. The footage is from 1st October 2016 and I've literally just edited it today. It will appear on the forthcoming DVD containing all the 2016 holiday videos.

Length: 1 minute 2 seconds

Rain In Cala Bona Cover

Taking What's Mine

Largely unseen in the year of its release 1998 or since, this is the film / music project I worked on with Phil Young, Laurence Williams & Nickely Burke. The basic plot is that a man wakes up as a prisoner of aggressive people and who then spends as much time trying to get away from them whilst heading towards... something.

Length: 31 mins 16 seconds

Taking What's Mine Poster

More of my videos can be found on YouTube

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