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Blog Posts Archive - 2019

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Note: for most years the website has existed I've usually had one set of welcoming text that was altered to fit the time. Hence a number of posts contain similar text. I don't believe I have a complete collection of posts but will post those I can find.

This page first posted 19 March 2022

17 November 2019

This is the Christmas edition of the website homepage and this year I've posted some of the seasonal pictures I've seen and liked this year, these all give me a cosy feeling and bring back memories of previous Christmases. I've also posted a few Christmas-themed videos to YouTube and they can be viewed from this page too.

Along with my trips to Cala Bona this is my favourite time of year and it just makes me very relaxed. I'm cutting social appearances down this time, I had too many dinners last year (and for many years before) so less will be more, I hope.

I'm looking forward to re-watching the odd Christmas film as well as Laurel & Hardy and a few other warm-hearted films/TV specials.

Have a great time and will be back in the New Year, in the meantime have fun, cheers!

21 October 2019

On 7th September I posted a companion piece to Cala Bona 4: A New Season titled Cala Bona 4B: More From A New Season, an 18 minute video of clips/sequences that didn't make it into the main production.

I've recently returned from another trip to Cala Bona having filmed 12 hrs 38 mins of footage so the next edited video will likely last an hour or more, available by the end of March. I don't think I'll do much editing this side of Christmas hence the late date.

I'll be posting 3 Christmas cartoons and a short Christmas film that I like to YouTube on 1st December (maybe before on 15th November but not guaranteed), none of these are by me but I like them a lot.

The next update will be on Friday 15h November (probably) and is the Christmas edition of the website.

In the meantime have fun, cheers!

01 September 2019

On 17th August I posted the first holiday video that I threw together back in 2003, Based In Manhattan. I've altered the entire music soundtrack for this version.

On 24th August I posted the 5th and final Misfits video, Alter Ego. This was made in 2001 and was edited by James Spence. It's nicely made, well acted and very well edited. It concerns a man whose subconscious takes on physical form and it's tone is quite dark; I like it. This was the only Misfits production that I wasn't involved with in any way, I returned for the next production (No Devil In Wicca) but that got cancelled shortly after filming began due to the personal circumstances of a major contributor. That was the last of Misfits at that time, but Misfits will return.

On 26th August I posted a short video titled Sight and Sound; I've been looking for other sources of music to use in the next Cala Bona video and this was a test of music that doesn't have copyright issues.

It'll be a while before the next video, in the meantime have fun, cheers!

16th August 2019

The house broadband was finally fixed by connecting to another wi-fi service then returning to the one that was playing up. It then worked straight away. How, who knows, but it works. So what else has been happening, well, this, that, it's been Summer at times so it's been good fun and gone quickly.

I edited a wedding video on 2nd June, this is not widely available but I enjoyed editing it.

I then spent time editing the latest Cala Bona video which I posted to YouTube on 3rd August:

After that came a series of 4 short videos edited on behalf of Andrew O'Day based on his visit to California this year:

Santa Barbara    Santa Barbara: The Waterfront    The Getty Center    The Huntington Gardens

Tomorrow I'll be posting a revised version of my first holiday video, Based In Manhattan, from 2003.

I'm considering revising my entire website next year, it's not brilliant is it? I'd like to modernise it completely and would take a long time to do but it looks petty naff to me now.

2nd June 2019

I've just come back from a nice trip away back to Cala Bona, Majorca, having taken nearly 13 hours of footage, a record even by my own standards. Compiling that down to an hour or so will be a nice challenge over the next few months.

Whilst in Cala Bona I posted a series of 24 mini videos to YouTube, usually one a day, of clips from footage I'd taken that day. I created a playlist on YouTube for the 24 videos which can also be viewed below:

The broadband I currently have access to is not performing well at the moment, it may take 3 months to sort and I don't think I'll be doing many if any other internet updates during that time :)

6th April 2019

Iron Law has gone live on YouTube as of today. Iron Law is the fourth production (of five) from Misfits, a non-professional, non-profit filming group that released a unique set of videos from 1992 to 2001.

Iron Law is a 1997-released futuristic drama concerning a Trade Union Leader who is very suspicious of the connection between the government and his own pharmaceutical company. His beliefs lead to tensions between himself, his wife, his best friend and colleagues but he is determined to know the truth at all costs. The dawn of a new dark age...

The revised, alternate version of Iron Law (produced 2019) can be viewed below:

The original version (made 1997) can also be found on YouTube here.

Misfits 004: Iron Law 2019 Poster

Above: the picture that identifies Iron Law (2019 Revised Version) on YouTube.

1st April 2019

Iron Law goes live on YouTube on Saturday 6th April 11:00am with a revised 2019 version going live at 11:30am. Iron Law is the fourth production (of five) from Misfits, a non-professional, non-profit filming group that released a unique set of videos from 1992 to 2001. I'll post links to both versions here. See the trailer further down this page.

Iron Law is a futuristic drama concerning a Trade Union Leader who is very suspicious of the connection between the government and his own pharmaceutical company. His beliefs lead to tensions between himself, his wife, his best friend and his colleagues but he is convinced of his actions. The dawn of a new dark age...

23rd March 2019

Here's a trailer for our 1997 futuristic drama Iron Law which I hope to post in full before long. There'll be two versions of the video, the original and a revised one. Why not eh?

10th March 2019

I posted Portmeirion 2003 to YouTube and Facebook yesterday, here's a link to it on YouTube:

Work on Iron Law continues , I'm frame-correcting dropouts at the moment, I've replaced 109 frames so far. As to when it will be posted, well, who knows eh? I'll be posting the original 1997 (non frame-corrected) version and a mildly revised version.

25th February 2019

Me next video, Portmeirion 2003, will be posted on Saturday 9th March (probably!).

Portmeirion, Wales, is one of my favourite places in the omniverse and was the setting for the utterly brilliant 1967 tele-fantasy series The Prisoner. It'll be around 12 minutes long and I'll post a link or two on this page once done.

It was filmed by friend James Spence who is unable to edit the footage so I am more than happy to have played with this one. Below is a still of me from the video.

Tim Harris in Portmeirion, Wales (2003)

Work on Iron Law continues and it'll be at least April before that appears now. I'll be posting the original 1997 version and a mildly restored version.

16th February 2019

I've posted a short and sweet Cala Bona / Cala Millor video today which has sequences / clips that didn't make it into A Holiday In Cala Bona. The main sequence here was similar to other sequences in that video so I left it out and the other bits I couldn't easily fit in to the main video. In March I'll be posting Portmeirion 2003. The restoration of 1997 video Iron Law is taking longer than I expected so it may be April before that one appears.

Scenes from Cala Bona & Cala Millor (Running time: 5 mins 13 seconds)

7th February 2019

Okay Toshiba, can't say I'm not disappointed, but shouldn't there be something to fix my RAM expansion card into in my laptop, in the bay reserved for memory expansion? The memory expansion slot the specs for the laptop say should be there? The specs that came with my laptop? The specs still shown on the interweb? Looks a bit empty to me. Bit of a shame as I have an 8GB card to fit there. Not like anyone thinks to open their machine unless they have to so having had the machine for nearly three years I'm a tad disappointed to find it didn't come with everything advertised at the time, you know, now that I'm ready to increase the memory. My tweet of today around 1pm to @ToshibaUK hasn't likely reached the CEO of Toshiba yet so I still patiently await some kind of helpful response even if it's "You'd be right not to buy Toshiba again Tim", advice I am more than happy to listen to.

RAM expansion slot missing!!! Left: Very much missing anything to clip a RAM expansion pack into. Doesn't cost a lot but where the Toshiba do I get the right part from?

20th January 2019

Yesterday I published A Holiday in Cala Bona to YouTube, it went live at 5pm. I also posted it direct to Facebook for the friends who follow me, though it took just over 2 and a half hours to post it there, having had to persuade my device it was all right to do so. It didn't appear on Facebook until 8:38pm, much later than intended (5pm had been my aim there too).

I hope anyone who watches it enjoys it anywhere like I do, it's been a great pleasure to edit this one. Here's the text I wrote to accompany the video on YouTube:

"Filmed on location in Cala Bona, Cala Millor, Son Servera, Costa de los Pinos and Porto Cristo, Majorca / Mallorca, Balearic Islands. Sep/Oct 2018.

Follow up to This Is Cala Bona (2016) & Welcome To Cala Bona (2017).

Filmed from the experience of tourists on holiday, we stayed in a very nice part of Majorca, Cala Bona, which lies next to just-as-nice Cala Millor. During this holiday we also re-visited the lovely town Son Servera (55 minute walk from Cala Bona or 10 mins by car/taxi). We also visited Costa de los Pinos (40 minute walk from Cala Bona or 10 mins approx by car/taxi). Our annual trip to Porto Cristo (15 mins by car/taxi, or longer by boat) also appears.

No amount of fun we have in Cala Bona would be possible without the massive contribution the people there make, the enormous effort, the colossal hours. Thank you as always. This video shows the results of that hard work, a very happy set of visitors.

To everyone who made us feel welcome when we visited we extend our gratitude and best wishes. To everyone who appeared in this video we also extend our thanks.

Filmed with the extensive cooperation and friendship of Adam.

Filmed almost entirely using a Samsung Galaxy S9. Other footage filmed using a Sony DCS-HX50 camera. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Filmed and Edited by Tim Harris.

I've embedded the video here:

My next videos (in editing order) will be: Scenes From Cala Bona & Cala Millor, Portmeirion 2003 and Iron Law. Although Iron Law is listed last it may be the first posted out of those three.  I aim to post these three one at a time each month :)


7th January 2019

Did you have a good Christmas and New year? I hope so anyway, and yes I had a nice quiet one, thanks for asking.

Since last we met I've thrown together a trailer for me upcoming video A Holiday In Cala Bona just 'cos the idea appealed to me:

The main video is scheduled to appear on 19th January 5pm (UK time) on the following YouTube page: A Holiday in Cala  Bona

It's around an hour and a quarter in total so it's a longun.

I shall be editing a very short companion video to this one which will likely appear in February. Then I shall finish Portmeirion 2003, followed by a new project involving animation.

Below is the cover poster for the video that goes live 19th January.

A Holiday in Cala Bona Poster

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