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Blog Posts Archive - 2018

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Note: for most years the website has existed I've usually had one set of welcoming text that was altered to fit the time. Hence a number of posts contain similar text. I don't believe I have a complete collection of posts but will post those I can find.

This page first posted 19 March 2022

15th November 2018

Another year, another Christmas, another turkey invited for lunch.

I love Christmas it still has a nice feeling about it and I hope to have as pleasant a time as possible. Hope the same is true for you.

Been the kind of year where you quit your job of 32 years, sell the family home and move in with a friend. Each year has its changes and this been a year of quite some change. Christmas will help me reflect on those changes and I will be grateful that all is better than it could have been.

Have a very Happy Christmas and an even better New Year,

Cheers, Tim!

3rd November 2018

I've created a new website just for the heck of it,  though there's naff all on it at the moment and may not have much on it for a long time to come either. I've set it up more as a way of learning modern website skills as this website needs a real boot.

In other news I've edited three days worth of footage so far for my next Cala Bona video. Haven't thought of a title for it yet and am still debating such things as whether to have dates up on screen. Am also debating whether to do a short trailer for this one but it's early days yet. It's possibly a bit pretentious to do a trailer so I'm all for it but am debating whether there's any point really.

I posted a video of the first day that I edited for the video (of Son Servera) to my Facebook profile for those that follow me on there as a kind of exclusive; that was also probably pretentious but it was a way of showing people that I'd started on the video.

Once again Adam and I were pleasantly surprised at the number of people who came up to Adam in Cala Bona to say they'd seen the videos and then asked whether there was going to be another one. Nice.


27th October 2018

Well that holiday soon came and went, now I have lots of footage to edit (8hrs 6mins) into something that just might be worth watching possibly. It's another Cala Bona video, no idea what this one's going to be called yet but am quite pleased with what I've seen of the footage so far. I used only one camera this year instead of the usual two so this should make it easier to edit as I only have one frame rate to contend with. I also used a new camera this year so that brought with it a different discipline and feel to proceedings. Having filmed twice as much as I'd felt I'd filmed this is going to take longer to edit than I'd originally thought but I'm going to enjoy editing it. Hoping to post this one early 2019.


12th September 2018

I've now worked out how to get this website to always load up as the more secure https version rather than the standard http version, I did this mostly by looking at the instructions on my site provider's help pages as I didn't have a frikken clue. I suspect I'm more excited about all of this than you are, no really, don't feel you have to humour me, but I've been wanting to do this for some time and was a bit surprised when my account was upgraded for free, well I say free I haven't checked my bank account yet, taking all the hassle out of the experience. My web site provider actually set this up as of 7th February this year but I didn't get the memo, then was a bit dubious when I noticed what they'd done and expected at some point for them to say they'd made a mistake. I finally checked the small print and, you're drifting off aren't you I'm going on too long aren't I, well there's not much more, and I saw it was all bona fide, and yes it was a free upgrade so I was very pleased, there that's the end of that. Almost. If finding this site via Google it should now load the https version, now is that the lot, yes I think it is.

Yesterday saw the sad news that Fenella Fielding had died at the age of 90, a wonderful person, a great actor. I love her in Carry On Screaming and also for her voice work for The Prisoner, Fenella had an amazing voice and a very delightful persona. She will be missed.


9th September 2018

I resumed editing Portmeirion 2003 on 15th August but felt my heart wasn't in it so have put it back on hold until next year.

I've decided to cut down on (some) social media as I felt I was spending too much time on it at the expense of other matters, with the internet often switched off for hours at a time now. I seem to get more done now yet still get as much out of social media as before.

I've noticed that my website space provider has kindly upgraded this website to a https version alongside the http version, so feel free (or not) to access the website via the following link:

The Wikipedia entry for https includes the following paragraph: The principal motivation for HTTPS is authentication of the accessed website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data while in transit. It protects against man-in-the-middle attacks. The bidirectional encryption of communications between a client and server protects against eavesdropping and tampering of the communication.[4] In practice, this provides a reasonable assurance that one is communicating without interference by attackers with the website that one intended to communicate with, as opposed to an impostor.

If you haven't seen TV series Brooklyn Nine Nine yet I still highly recommend it. The last episode of series 5 was an especially special episode of a consistently fine series and it's fast becoming one of my favourite episodes of anything ever. Roll on series 6.

If you saw the BBC coverage of the Great North Run on 9th September you may have seen a filmed narration of The Starfish Story (adapted from The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley); I was impressed by the simplicity/meaning of the story so after minimal research here's a version I found online:


Once upon a time, there was an old man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach every morning before he began his work. Early one morning, he was walking along the shore after a big storm had passed and found the vast beach littered with starfish as far as the eye could see, stretching in both directions.

Off in the distance, the old man noticed a small boy approaching. As the boy walked, he paused every so often and as he grew closer, the man could see that he was occasionally bending down to pick up an object and throw it into the sea. The boy came closer still and the man called out, “Good morning! May I ask what it is that you are doing?”

The young boy paused, looked up, and replied “Throwing starfish into the ocean. The tide has washed them up onto the beach and they can’t return to the sea by themselves,” the youth replied. “When the sun gets high, they will die, unless I throw them back into the water.”

The old man replied, “But there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.”

The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!”

Adapted from The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley (1907 – 1977)


10th August 2018

Just posted a quick list of my favourite TV programmes of 2018 (so far) here.

Haven't re-started video editing yet, the Summer has been a long sunny hot one so it can wait. Have eaten lots of ice cream instead. Now on an ice cream break.

Just sat on my noise cancelling headphones so I've ordered a new pair for tomorrow. Bummer.

Can't think of anything else to say.

14th July 2018

Am gonna get down to editing me next video, Portmeirion 2003 before too long. As with Portmeirion 1989 this was filmed by friend James Spence during our visit there all those years ago. Thanks go to James for letting me edit this one, I do love Portmeirion. I've got as far as going through the footage once and I have a reasonable idea of how it will end up, it will be a short video most likely, say 10 minutes or so.

Re-visiting Cala Bona is still on the cards for later in the year, still debating whether to film it again although ideas are beginning to come to me. It's hard to think of another way of doing it the same but different but a different camera can make all the difference so we'll see.

Well done England for doing so well in this year's World Cup, coming 4th which is very impressive. They played well and it'll be good to see them in action again.

4th July 2018

Been a hectic few weeks what with quitting my day-job of over 30 years and playing with house stuff along the way but all is beginning to settle down now. Have even ordered a new bed to boot. It's not an expensive bed but it's a bed. The last one was well past its lifespan so am looking forward to a slightly more comfortable one.

I'm almost at the point where I might start editing videos again, maybe within the next two weeks or, as this is the hottest sunniest Summer I can remember since 1976 maybe I'll just spend Summer eating ice cream, we'll see.

20th May 2018

Am pretty much putting video editing and everything else on hold while I get on with a bigger task, there's quite a lot going on in other directions at the moment :)

Nice wedding yesterday, it seemed a different kind of Royal Wedding and one of the few I haven't channel-hopped through. Well done Harry and Meghan.

12th May 2018

Portmeirion 1989 now on YouTube

This is a video of the first trip made to Portmeirion (Wales) by my friend James Spence and myself in 1989. James filmed the footage on a Panasonic M7 camera over three days in August and we both had designs on editing this footage ever since but usually found ourselves side-tracked onto other projects. For 29 years.

James' footage had a mild fantasy element to parts of it and I've expanded on his idea with this edit.

There's footage of the Dome in its green livery prior to being replaced and also snippets of footage of The Prisoner Shop as it was then. There's also footage of a brass band and many general views of this wonderful place.

Full credit to James Spence for this footage.

The font used for the titles is titled 'Village' and many thanks go to The Prisoner Online for this. Thank you.

The Prisoner and any related symbols that appear in the video are very much the province of ITC to whom we're forever indebted, for this and for many other fantastic series. Thank you.

Music and sound effects used are from the YouTube Audio Library and to them also we say thank you.

Clicking on the following link will take you to the video (will open in YouTube): Portmeirion 1989

Running time: 35 mins 39seconds

Portmeirion 1989 Cover Poster

8th May 2018 - Portmeirion Video Update

The editing of the video seems to be going well in spite of a few technical teething troubles. It's at the stage where I'm down to making odd adjustments here and there so looks like it will be ready in the next week or two, ahead of schedule. It'll be around 36 minutes long and it's been great fun to edit. I've absolutely loved it actually; it was a great first visit to the most wonderful of places. One person other than myself has today seen a version (MK2) of the edited video (I'm on MK4 at the moment) and I think it's shaping up okay.

Below are four stills taken from the edited video.

Portmeirion 1989 Stills 003Portmeirion 1989 Stills 004

Portmeirion 1989 Stills 002Portmeirion 1989 Stills 001

3rd May 2018

New Portmeirion Video On The Way

Last weekend I started editing footage that my friend James Spence took on our first trip to Portmeirion in 1989. Filmed on a Panasonic M7 camera this footage hasn't been seen before in public. The edited version will likely be around half an hour in length with the aim that it will be posted to YouTube. This is an editing project that has been on and off the shelf several times since 1989 with either James or myself taking on the role of editor and then getting side-tracked onto something else.

I've had several ideas over that time as to how it should be edited, and true to form I've come up with yet another idea and this is the one I'm running with now. I really like James' footage and it lovingly shows Portmeirion as it was back then. The place may be the same but some of the details are different. A time when the dome was green and The Prisoner Shop existed.

James is unable to edit the video himself now but I asked him last week if he'd be happy for me to take the editing back on and I was pleased when he gave an enthusiastic positive response. I am highly enthusiastic about this particular project myself.

It's possible that the video could be ready by the end of May 2018 and I'll update this page with a link to it once ready. I'll also post to Twitter (a link is above) so if you follow me on there you'll hopefully see the post.

Later on I may begin editing the 2003 footage which James also took. Then onto footage from 2004, 2005 and 2006 which I took.

21st April 2018

I've posted three new Cala Bona themed videos to YouTube today, all short and hopefully sweet. I think these will be the last Cala Bona videos I produce this year. The following links will take you to them (opens up in YouTube):

Cala Bona and Beyond (19 mins 40 seconds)

My first trip there with Adam and his family in 2008. Wonderful place. This video is poor resolution but hey ho, it mostly features days out to other places but has bits of Cala Bona here and there.

Cala Bona Nights (10 mins 21 seconds)

A compilation of acts I filmed in 2013, 2014 and 2016. I don't seem to have filmed any acts in 2015. The acts from 2017 appear in Welcome to Cala Bona (link further down the page). The acts include Maritim who are popular on the island of Majorca as well as the indomitable Sundaes who recently appeared as worthy finalists on BBC One Show All Together Now and who remain a highly entertaining act. Would like to see more of them.

Cala Bona Views (6 mins 5 seconds)

This is a small companion piece to Welcome to Cala Bona as it features footage taken from the same time period (Sept / Oct 2017) and which didn't make it into that video. This generally comprises video taken from 'bat angles' with other bits included that I particularly like.

Adam and his grandad in Porto Cristo, Majorca 2008

8th April 2018

I've added an archive of previous posts going back to the beginning of this website: 1999 to 2008    2009 to 2014    2015    2016

Today I started looking at the photos / footage I took the first time I went to Majorca, in 2008. The footage is blurry but I think it's just about got interesting enough to edit into a small video. Cala Bona rocks.

One photo of myself that I liked but couldn't find has finally turned up, I've looked for this one a few times. It was taken by Adam in the old fort, Cyprus, 2009. I really like this photo but had misremembered where it had been taken hence it took me a while to find.

Tim Harris at the old fort, Pathos, Cyprus May 2009Adam and his grandad in Porto Cristo, Majorca 2008

Above left: photo from Pathos 2009    Above right: Porto Cristo, Majorca 2008, part of my next editing project

Xonus 2018 Poster

Above: Faux poster thrown together for the arrival of Xonus to the internet

1st April 2018


After many years of languishing nowhere here's my 1995 video slightly spruced up and mildly modified from the original. Anything I've added or altered for this version is what I'd really wanted back then and couldn't achieve.

Premise: A man wakes up with no memory and is held in a house along with his double. In finding out answers to questions the man has to question himself.

Containing a sequence filmed in Portmeirion (Wales) and with main filming taking place at a house in Oxford.

It was shot on standard VHS video tapes and edited with basic animation produced on an Amiga A1200. Now slightly restored using digital software. Relatively unseen since it's initial low-key release back in 1995 I've attempted to make this more 'watchable' than it was back then and have faded a few (now irritating to me) swear words.
A retro feel to non-professionally produced videos, prior to digital software revolutionizing everything.

Featuring an atmospheric soundtrack by Laurence Williams and Phil Young.

Running time: 31 mins 17 seconds

Welcome to Cala Bona Poster

Above: Faux poster thrown together for the arrival of Welcome To Cala Bona to the internet

30th March 2018

Welcome To Cala Bona

The follow-up video to last year's video This Is Cala Bona with friend Adam wandering around various places in Cala Bona, Cala Millor, Son Servera and Porto Cristo.

Running time: 1 hr 26 mins 38 seconds

26th March 2018

Me follow-up to This Is Cala Bona looks set to appear on YouTube as of Friday 30th March 10:00am (approx!). Although this will be the edit as it currently stands I've already noticed at least 3 changes I would now make but over all I like it.

It's a lengthy 1 hr 26 mins 38 seconds long so it's twice as long as its predecessor and before editing began I thought it would be at least May before it went up: I gained ground once I updated the software. In recent weeks I then thought it would be ready by 18th March but technical issues prevented that so Good Friday it is. Am pleased with it and if anyone else likes it that's a nice bonus. I have to thank everybody who appears in the video, especially Adam who appears throughout. I am grateful to everyone who appears.

10th March 2018

Today I've posted My Top TV Programmes of 2017 which of course is important only to myself but I do like to keep a record of what I like watching :)

Editing of the next Cala Bona video is going well and I'm enjoying it. I had to upgrade to the newest version of Premiere though as my existing version refused to work one day. I'd started to have issues with it in late January and finally refused to work at all on 9th Feb so that was the day I upgraded. My concern was that I would then have to start the editing all over again but thankfully after a couple of hours the new software had converted the old project files to new ones. I wished I'd upgraded sooner as the software is brilliant and would have saved me a lot of time.

At one point the video looked like it was going to be a whopping 1 hr 44 mins which I doubt anybody including myself would have watched so have been chopping away at it. It's currently down to 1 hr 33 mins which is still too long so will chopping away further at it. I was hoping to have the video up by Easter (1st April) but it may be late April now. Hey ho. Am having a break from editing today and may do a bit of editing tomorrow.

7th January 2018

Where's this year going??? Flying by already!

I've been playing with the next Cala Bona video recently having...

  • Sifted through the footage to sort it into themes
  • Ran through first pass to rule out footage I wasn't going to use
  • Converted the remaining footage into a format I could actually edit

..and as of Friday 5th January actually started to edit footage together. I did minimal work that day as my new phone turned up and I spent hours on that instead. The following day I spent a few hours editing the video and really enjoyed it. I shall do a bit more today.

My aim for this video in relation to the previous Cala Bona video is to make it the same but different but the same. I don't want to make a complete replica of the previous one but I don't want to make it so different that it jars with that one so I want to try to keep the spirit of the original.

When in Cala Bona last time Adam and myself had a number of people come up to us saying how much they'd enjoyed This Is Cala Bona and this was both unexpected and just very very nice. I'm glad people seem to have liked it, I enjoyed editing that one a lot and I've watched it a few times myself. When editing that one I had to choose who the target audience was, was it the world at large, was it people who loved Cala Bona (and surrounding areas) or was I going to make sure I simply liked it myself? In the end I decided to use myself as the target audience because there was no way of knowing if anybody would be interested enough to watch the video let alone like it other than myself so it had to please me. If I liked it and if others liked it so much the better.

Each weekend I worked on it I would first review what I had done up to that point i.e. watch the video as it stood at that time. I would then see if I was happy or not with the footage, whether anything was too long, too short or plain unnecessary. The video was tightened up as a result. Looking at it again as I did recently there are likely sequences I would have edited differently if I were doing those now but I find it a relaxing video to watch and it brings back good memories. YouTube stats suggest the video has been viewed in over 70 countries which is staggering to me and this one video has likely been seen by more people than all my previous 79 video projects put together. Wow. That's both surprising and humbling.

When editing This Is Cala Bona I noticed that at least one bit of footage I'd taken (and had wanted to use) had disappeared, somehow accidentally deleted. This omission plus other details I felt I hadn't captured or captured well before is what helped me decide to film and edit a second video. Originally I was just going to film those parts and edit a short video together but once back in Cala Bona I couldn't help filming as much as I did: 11 and a half hours of footage. This is 3 hours more than I took for the previous video so will take me longer to edit, but I'm so happy, I just love that place. Watching footage is the only compensation for not actually being there.

I started editing the new video with the view that it would not start the same way as the first, I had three ideas in mind of how to do that and it's now evolving slowly but surely. By the time of the final edit it may be completely changed from how it is now (I'm already having a re-think) but that's what I like, there are many ways to edit this one just as there was with the first one. 100s of ways.

The editing, along with a few beers along the way, should make the next few months whiz by.

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