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This page first posted to the internet 06 December 2021

Pandorica (Fantom Films) - 12 to 14 November 2021

Photography by Paul Phipps-Williams except where stated

Peter Purves

Tim Treloar, Katy Manning

Bridget Lynch-Blosse, Colin Baker, Graeme Harper

Bridget Lynch-Blosse

Bridget Lynch-Blosse

Christopher Saul, Keith Jayne

Keith Jayne

Christopher Saul

Hugh Hayes

Dee Sadler

Tony Harding

Nichola McCauliffe

Suzanne Packer

Nick Evans, Michael Catherwood

Andy Jones, Richard Tunesi, James O'Neil

Samuel Rush, Jamie Hill, Matt Roliman

Mike Burgess, James Burgess

The above photo was taken by Richard Harris


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Photos Andrew O'Day and used with his kind permission.    This page was compiled by Tim Harris.

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