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'Doctor Who in Time and Space' edited by Gillian I Leitch. Book cover featuring Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston

Left: The cover to Doctor Who in Time and Space

Edited by Gillian I Leitch with two chapters written by Andrew

Order from          Kindle edition:

Order from            Kindle edition:

Errata for chapter ‘Event TV’ in the book Doctor Who In Time and Space

 p. 7: The second usage of the term ‘Event TV’ by scholars like Anna McCarthy, in Mark Jancovich and James Lyons’ edited collection, refers to special episodes of TV series and one can distinguish between ‘Event TV’ and, what Jancovich and Lyons call, “must-see TV…shows that are not simply part of a habitual flow of television programming but…have become ‘essential viewing’”. This chapter, however, will show that the notion of Doctor Who as an “Event” for fans has included the programme as “must-see TV”, as well as special episodes, but goes beyond that and has, over time, worked in different ways. The chapter will also show that the notion of ‘Event TV’ in new Who operates alongside industrial practices.

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