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17 July 2023

This has been a fairly active month, as was June (despite the lack of posts here and on social media). However, it's starting to calm down now, things are in place and now that Wimbledon is over I can start watching a bit more classic TV. I'm currently enjoying The Cheaters, a 1960s series with John Ireland as an insurance investigator, they don't make 'em like that anymore.


12 April 2023

Today I have mostly been tidying things up on my website and that's pretty much it. I'm still getting over three days of drinking over the Easter weekend, whilst contemplating how nice it would be to be in Majorca right now :) I'm going to find something to watch on TV, good or bad, then I shall have my first proper nap of the day. Have fun all.


01 April 2023

On 01 April I received a copy of Finders - Justice, Faith and Identity in Irish Crime Fiction, written by Anjili Babbar. Anjili has kindly included me in her acknowledgments so this makes this an even more special book. The book is available to order below.

Even further below on this page are links to other books kindly containing myself in the acknowledgments.

Finders - Justice, Faith, and Identity in Irish Crime Fiction

Anjili Babbar

Some of the most iconic, hard-boiled Irish detectives in fiction insist that they are not detectives at all. Hailing from a region with a cultural history of mistrust in the criminal justice system, Irish crime writers resist many of the stereotypical devices of the genre. These writers have adroitly carved out their own individual narratives to weave firsthand perspectives of history, politics, violence, and changes in the economic and social climate together with characters who have richly detailed experiences.

Recognizing this achievement among Irish crime writers, Babbar shines a light on how Irish noir has established a new approach to a longstanding genre. Beginning with Ken Bruen’s Jack Taylor, who rejects the detective title in favor of "finder"―a reference to Saint Anthony of Padua in the context of a traditionally secular form―Babbar examines the ways Irish authors, including John Connolly, Tana French, Alex Barclay, Adrian McKinty, Brian McGilloway, Claire McGowan, Gerard Brennan, Stuart Neville, Steve Cavanagh, and Eoin McNamee, subvert convention to reclaim their stories from a number of powerful influences: Revivalism, genre snobbery, cultural literary standards, and colonialism. These writers assert their heritage while also assuming a vital role in creating a broader vision of justice.

Available to buy from:

Syracuse University Press

01 April 2023

On 01 April the Longing For Longleat e-book was published. It contains photos from Andrew O'Day's collection that I scanned in for him. It's a excellent book in my opinion and well worth reading.

Longing For Longleat e-book

This excellent and free-to-download e-book takes a wondrous look at the Doctor Who 20th Celebration that took place in April 1983. Many fans have fond memories of this remarkable occasion, and this e-book of memories has been collated and edited by:

John Collier and Alex Storer

The book features many photographs taken by fans at that event and some of Andrew's photographs appear throughout this lovingly-crafted, in-depth work.

Highly recommended reading for any nostalgic long-time Doctor Who fan or for anyone researching this event.

Available to download here.



25 March 2023

On 25 March I posted a shortened version of our latest Cala Bona, Majorca, holiday video, Some of the Good Times in Cala Bona, to YouTube.

This shortened version of the 2-hour Good Times in Cala Bona is aimed at those who either don't want to spend two hours watching the full-length video or who are filling in a bit of time. This version is 33 minutes long.

Below is the poster I put together for the video.

25 February 2023

On 25 February I posted our latest Cala Bona, Majorca, holiday video, Good Times in Cala Bona, to YouTube.

It lasts nearly two hours, oops :)

Below is the poster I put together for the video.

24 November 2022

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I'm almost getting in the mood for it. I've already watched a few festive films (The Santa Clause trilogy, All I Have To Give, Blossoms In The Dust) and I'll be watching more anytime now. Another Crimbo favourite is Jim Henson's adaptation of Russell & Lillian Hoban's book titled Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. This was the first thing I ever recorded on home video back in 1981 (the second was K9 And Company, yes way) and I've seen it a number of times since on different media. I'll be watching it again Christmas Eve. Anyway, I shall further ramble on. I shall likely eat a bit of turkey and vegetables on the day itself but likely cutting back on frivolities due to cost. Well, why go overboard anyway.

Adam and myself returned to Cala Bona (Majorca) a little while ago and I've been editing the resulting video footage as of 15th October. It's going very well and I'm way further ahead than I was with the previous video at this point but it will likely not get posted until February 2023. It'll be less than 2 hours long this time :) I filmed this one in 60 frames per second instead of 30 frames per second and looks a lot smoother. The file sizes are a lot bigger though so it'll be interesting when the time comes to post it :)

I hope that whatever happens, that things work out for everyone, and once again, can only hope, and wish, you all a Merry Christmas.

19 March 2022

Today I've tidied this page up a little and moved stuff to the archive pages (links further below on page) as this page had become way too long. Well, that's it, it's a nice day today so it's time for beer (or beers)  :)


17 March 2022

On 12th March I posted the third video of Cala Bona, Majorca based on our latest trip there in 2021. It's called Cala Bona: A Day in October and I filmed it in 4K Ultra-HD resolution (3840 x 2160) as a test to what was possible. I particularly wanted to see how my laptop coped with high-resolution footage and was pleased with the results. I doubt I can produce 2-hour videos in this format at this time though as the rendering times are horrendous. It took 7 hours to render/compile the edited video which runs for 12 minutes and 6 seconds. A 2-hour video would therefore take 72 hours approx. of laptop time to compile. No chance. I am thinking of producing a 30-minute video in 4K next time though :)

I'm also thinking of filming the next full-length Cala Bona video in FHD 60fps (1920 x 1080); the previous full-length video, Happy Days in Cala Bona, was filmed in FHD 30fps (1920 x 1080). I have to complete some tests first to see how that would go but it should produce a smoother, more realistic picture. I've looked into 8K 24 fps (7680 x 4320) but the file sizes are very big and I imagine the rendering times would be massive so I think it's going to be a while before I film extensively using that.

The only other  question I've been debating with myself is whether to get another camera or stick with the ones I've got. Research, research, research.

It's a nice day today so it's time for beer :)


05 March 2022

Following on from last week's posted video (see previous entry below) I've today posted a Cala Bona (Majorca) video titled A Perfect Day in Cala Bona to YouTube, a few clips set to a song I really like, Perfect Day, perfectly sung by Miriam Stockley.

Next Saturday, 12th March, I'll be posting another video titled Cala Bona: A Day in October which I filmed in UHD as a test. That's all, time for tea :)


26 February 2022

Today I have posted our latest Cala Bona, Majorca video to YouTube, titled Happy Days in Cala Bona. It's a very long video running for 2 hours, 17 minutes and 41 seconds so I wonder how many people will actually sit through the entire thing :)

Hope anyone who watches it enjoys it, I'm sure the next one will be shorter :)


16 February 2022

Well that was 2021, did pretty much what I said in my last entry below but did manage to get to Cala Bona, Majorca for a holiday. It was quieter there than usual but we enjoyed it just as much in truth. I started editing the footage from that holiday on 18th October and the final edit, titled Happy Days in Cala Bona, will go live on YouTube on 26th February 2022. After that I will be editing a shorter, secondary Cala Bona video filmed in 4K/UHD.


Below: faux poster for Happy Days in Cala Bona

Happy Days in Cala Bona poster

03 January 2021

Well that was Christmas, welcome to the New Year.

What excitement awaits us all this year, it looks like it will be another interesting year one way or another.

At the moment there isn't a lot of videos for me to edit, only old unfinished projects, so I will carry on watching more TV and reading books. Simple often works best. I prefer a quiet life nowadays anyway, watching TV is no hardship for me :)


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Full-length Cala Bona (Majorca / Mallorca) Videos

This Is Cala Bona Poster

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Cala Bona 1: This Is Cala Bona

Cala Bona 2: Welcome to Cala Bona

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Cala Bona 5: A Good Life Cala Bona 6: Happy Days in Cala Bona

Prize-winning author of the Doctor Who Magazine Star Letter Issue 514

2nd July 2017:

Bucket list completed*.

I am now the prize-winning author of the Doctor Who Magazine Star Letter for Issue 514, which went on sale as of 29th June 2017. No seriously, stop laughing, it's a big thing, and it tickled my sense of humour. As if there wasn't enough good reason to buy the magazine in the first place!

I received an email from Peter Ware from the magazine the day the magazine went on sale letting me know my communication was Star Letter and had won a Dr Who book as a prize (as above).

*Never had a bucket list, never going to. But if I had this would have been on it.

Pictures: cover to the must-have magazine

of all-time and the resulting prize.

Below: books containing acknowledgements to me by Andrew O'Day

Doctor Who - New Dawn book cover

Doctor Who - New Dawn

Essays on the Jodie Whittaker era


Edited with an Introduction by Brigid Cherry, Matt Hills and Andrew O’Day

With chapters by David Butler, Rosanne Welch, Dene October, Christopher Hogg, Lorna Jowett, Susana Loza, Hannah Hamad, Brigid Cherry, Nicolle Lamerichs, Saida Herrero, Victoria L. Godwin, Paul Booth and Matt Hills

Publisher: Manchester University Press

Available to order from

Doctor Who - Twelfth Nigh

Doctor Who - Twelfth Night

Adventures in Time and Space with Peter Capaldi

Order from:

Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who - unpredictable, embattled, mercurial - has raised many fresh issues for followers of the Timelord. In this book, international experts on the show have been brought together to explore the era of Capaldi and Steven Moffat. They evaluate the effect of Capaldi's older age on the series' pace and themes; his Scottish-ness and representations of Scotland in Doctor Who's history, and the roles of the Doctor's female companions. The politics of war are addressed, as is the development of UNIT in the show, as well as controversial portrayals of the afterlife and of immortality. There's discussion of promotional discourses in the public sphere worldwide, of imagining the Twelfth Doctor in fan fiction and fan art, fan responses to the re-gendering of the Master as female, and Christmas television and the uncanny. For fans, scholars, and viewers, this book is a fitting tribute to and assessment of Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who.

Edited with an Introduction by Andrew O’Day

Chapters by Richard Hewett, Douglas McNaughton, Sonia Michaels, Robin Bunce, Eric Leuschner, Andrew Crome, David Budgen, Matt Hills, Paul Booth, Brigid Cherry and Dene October

The Language of Doctor Who - Book Cover

The Language of Doctor Who: From Shakespeare to Alien Tongues (Science Fiction Television) [Hardcover]

by Jason Barr, Camille D. G. Mustachio

With a chapter (and Bad Wolf-related joke) written by Andrew O'Day.

May 16, 2014

Hardcover: 304 pages

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

1442234806     978-1442234802

Order from

Order from

Contains my two favourite words in print: Tim Harris

Below: four must-buy books for any occasion:              

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour     

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour

Edited with an Introduction by Andrew O'Day.     Chapters by Richard Hewett, Frank Collins, Matthew Kilburn, Dee Amy-Chinn, David Budgen, Simone Knox, Jonathan Bignell, Piers D. Britton, Vasco Hexel, Matt Hills, Brigid Cherry, Neil Perryman, and Ross P. Garner

Order from

Order the paperback or hardcover from


Contains those all important words in print: Tim Harris.

New Dimensions of Doctor Who 'Doctor Who in Time and Space' edited by Gillian I Leitch. Book cover featuring Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston'Terry Nation' published book cover

1 New Dimensions of Doctor Who

Order from          (Pre-order from

  Edited by Matt Mills with a chapter written by Andrew O'Day

An all-important book in that it features those two favourite words of mine in print: Tim Harris.

2 Doctor Who in Time and Space

Order from          Kindle edition:

Order from            Kindle edition:

  Edited by Gillian I Leitch with two chapters written by Andrew O'Day

Much more importantly, this book contains a few uses of my two favourite words in print, Tim Harris. Not only this but there are quotes from myself which unquestioningly make this book automatically even more important (to me anyway). It also contains quotes from James Spence.

If you can afford the price tag this is the book to buy; leave 50 Shades of Grey on the shelf where it belongs.

3 Terry Nation Order from          Order from
  Written by Jonathan Bignell and Andrew O'Day.

This book features stills provided by myself and features those all important words: Tim Harris.

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