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The Village Shop by Robert Hutchison

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15 November 2020

Another Christmas, another turkey, my favourite time of year. On this page are pictures that have caught my eye over the past year, mostly Christmas ones, very nice ones I reckon. I've included a handful of favourite pictures from previous years alongside these. This Christmas, more of the same as usual for me, I shall watch a few Laurel & Hardy films, listen to Jim Reeves' 12 Songs Of Christmas, watch a few Christmas favourites and relax. With a bit of turkey on Christmas Day I'll be happy.

Well I'd best be off, lots more beers to drink work on,

Have fun, all the best, cheers, Tim!


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Christmas Days

With thanks to the artists / photographers of the pictures on this page, and also to those who posted these to the internet.

tnhchristmas2020214.jpg (1464527 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020171.jpg (1759313 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020210.jpg (1715811 bytes)

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tnhchristmas2020208.jpg (1000951 bytes)

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tnhchristmas2020209.jpg (2845526 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020180.jpg (2105604 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020205.jpg (2425471 bytes)

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tnhchristmas2020184.jpg (2052864 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020193.jpg (1871075 bytes)tnhchristmas2020215.jpg (1758829 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020194.jpg (878251 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020185.jpg (1511231 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020195.jpg (1756724 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020187.jpg (760106 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020182.jpg (2234437 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020192.jpg (648711 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020186.jpg (1430265 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020179.jpg (515536 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020206.jpg (3264340 bytes)

   Above: A picture as originally coloured (left) and as produced via the Colorize app (right)  

tnhchristmas2020199.jpg (3118232 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020213.jpg (757005 bytes)

tnhchristmas2020198.jpg (2281046 bytes)


London in Winter


More Christmas picture merriment!

   Above: A b/w picture converted to colour via the Colorize app  


And a very Happy Merry Christmas to all of you at home!

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