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17 November 2019

This is the Christmas edition of the website homepage and this year I've posted some of the seasonal pictures I've seen and liked this year, these all give me a cosy feeling and bring back memories of previous Christmases. I've also posted a few Christmas-themed videos to YouTube and they can be viewed from this page too.

Along with my trips to Cala Bona this is my favourite time of year and it just makes me very relaxed. I'm cutting social appearances down this time, I had too many dinners last year (and for many years before) so less will be more, I hope.

I'm looking forward to re-watching the odd Christmas film as well as Laurel & Hardy and a few other warm-hearted films/TV specials.

Have a great time and will be back in the New Year, in the meantime have fun, cheers!

Gifts From The Air (1937)
The Little Match Girl (1937)
The Pups Christmas (1936)
Silent Love (1994)


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